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Atlantic City is the second oldest legal full casino gaming area in America. The vote to legalize gambling in Atlantic City passed in 1976. First came the casinos and then along came boxing. Although a scaled down version of Las Vegas, Atlantic City is a major competitor to Las Vegas when it comes to attracting big fights.

It was the five fights that Don King promoted with Mike Tyson between 1987 and 1990 that made Atlantic City the east coast capital of prize fighting in America. In 1991 Atlantic City saw big fights like the brutal KO of Tommy Morrison by Ray Mercer at Thrump Plaza and the heavyweight bout between Evander Holyfield and George Foreman.

From Boardwalk Hall to Bally's to Tropicana, Atlantic City is to the east coast what Las Vegas is to the west coast in terms of producing world class boxing events.

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Atlantic City, NJ

Note: Upcoming fights listed on the 2014 Atlantic City boxing schedule include tentatively scheduled fights so the schedule is subject to change.

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Atlantic City Boxing History

November 6, 1999, a complete melee broke out involving 50 to 70 people ending in two arrests and a referee injured at the Oleg Maskaev vs Hasim Rahman fight after Rahim was knocked out of the ring by a Maskaev right.

March 13, 2006, Don King was honored by Atlantic City with a street renamed after him outside Boardwalk Hall, the Don King Plaza. Despite the fact that King isn't allowed to promote fights at the casinos because he doesn't have a license. A result of refusing to answer casino regulators questions about his dealings with former IBF chairman Bob W Lee.